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Scaka offers a solution to artists that have something to offer but are unable to find paid gigs with an audience. Scala is a stepping stone for young talent. Moreover, it is a place where established performers can show different sides of themselves

Scala offers:

– A (free) stage to present yourself as an artist and perform new shows (unamplified)
– PR boost (incl. stage pictures)
– Access to a new audience
– A network of interesting professionals from which new collaborations may arise
– Income (percentage of ticket sales)

Our pitch committee assesses your application on the: 

  • The relevance of your topic - is your performance interesting and accessible for a wider audience than your own circle?  

  • The creativity - does your performance show something new in terms of content and/or form?

  • Storytelling/structure - is there a development or conflict?

  • Artistic quality and

  • Impact - does your idea impress us or the audience?


- You can apply for the abovementioned period up and until Sunday, the 30th of July.
- If the application is approved, we will meet on August 21st or 22nd,  where you can present a pitch of your performance.  You will get the opportunity to show around ten minutes of the performance with which you applied. Take note of the dates, because it is not possible to perform in Scala without having shown your pitch!
- On Monday evening the 4th, and Saturday afternoon the 9th of September, we will organize photo shoots in order to gather more PR material. It is obligatory to attend the photoshoot if you are performing in Scala.


Are you an artist with a (solid plan for a) performance of around 20 minutes that coincides with the style of Scala? Then we are looking forward to your application! Read our Q&A for artists for all the in & outs regarding performing at Scala. For questions and/or comments, please e-mail  call +31(0)20 775 94 25.  

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